VORTEX - Grupo de Mecânica dos Fluidos de Escoamentos Complexos

Simulação Numérica da Mecânica de Deformação de Partículas em Emulsões, (1998)

Autor: Marcelo Henrique Pinto de Almeida

Orientador: Francisco Ricardo Cunha

A general three dimensional non singular boundary integral formulation was used to investigate transient and permanent deformation, and binary interaction of viscous drops suspended in dilute emulsions at low Reynolds numbers. In order to find a more robust and accurate numerical method, different methods of calculating the surface curvatures and unit normal vectors were tested, and mesh stabilization methods were studied. In order to reduce computational costs of simulations, automatic time step control was successfully used. Steady deformations as a function of the capilary number and flow parameter were determined and compared to asymptotic deformation theories and experimental results, and a great agreement was verified. Sedimenting velocity of a viscous drop is simulated and compared to theoretical predictions of Batchelor (1967). Drop trajectory irreversibilities, due to deformation of interacting drops, were studied and self diffusion coefficients, for diferent capilary numbers, were determined and compared to known results. Preliminary results of binary interaction of drops in buoyancy driven motion were shown.


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