VORTEX - Grupo de Mecânica dos Fluidos de Escoamentos Complexos

Escoamentos turbulentos sobre paredes rugosas (2010)

Autor: Ailson Santiago de Farias

Orientador: José Luiz Alves da Fontoura Rodrigues

The main goal of this work is to implement a numerical methodology, based on κ - ϵ model and laws of wall, capable to simulate turbulent flows over rough surfaces. The numerical results are compared with experimental data obtained by Loureiro et al (2007) and Loureiro (2008) in a water channel. The numerical simulation is done using a research code developed for bi-dimensional turbulent flows based on finite elements method. The turbulence model adopted is the κ - ϵ by Jones and Launder (1972), associated with the laws of wall. The spatial dicretization is done by finite elements P1 and P1/isoP2 and the temporal discretization is implemented by a semi-implicit scheme of finite difference method. The coupling pressure-velocity is done using a variation of Uzawa’s algorithmic. The numerical noises, originated by the symmetric treatment used by Galerkin method to the convective fluxes, are treated using the balance dissipation method proposed by Hughes e Brooks (1979) and Kelly et al (1980) and implemented by Brun (1988). The remaining non-linearities, due to laws of wall, are treated by minimal residual method, proposed by Fontoura Rodrigues (1990). The numerical results obtained using the rough and smooth wall laws are compared to each other, in order to show the characteristics, advantages and computational effort of the numerical methodology used in the rough wall laws relations


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